Howard Sherman’s advice for early career artists

Howard Sherman is a visual artist based in Texas. Sherman has been leading a new generation of bombastic contemporary painters in the Texas art world. Sherman’s typically human-scale canvases carry traces of his background in cartooning, offsetting the loud, raw power of his aggressive paint strokes with a playful sense of humor.

These are his advice for artists who are just starting out or very early in their career:


I still believe in education. The right M.F.A. program, at the right time in one’s life, can be valuable. Be smart about your choices and how you proceed with this.

Knowing and understanding how to draw are important. Formalism matters.

Very few people really understand what it takes to make a living as a full time artist. It’s very difficult and involves a lot of things that many friends and art schools don’t know

Hard work, commitment and sacrifice. Everyone says it but very few people follow through with it. Execution is everything.




View more of Sherman’s work at and Instagram @howard_sherman