Interview: Angela Ho’s retro whimsical illustrations

Tell us about yourself

My name is Angela Ho, I am an illustrator/artist and also a freelance art director.


Where are you located?

I’ve been based in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong for the last 8 years. I was born and bred in Melbourne, Australia.


Tell us about your artwork

My artwork is retro in style, character-based, it’s playful with an edge of uneasiness.

What’s your process for making your artwork?

I sketch out my idea, redraw and refine it in Illustrator and shade in Photoshop. And there’s lots of coffee involved too.


Why do you make art? What’s your motivation/inspiration?

I make art as it gives me a complete sense of joy when I’m lost in it, time disappears. My motivation: world domination … and that thing about joy  🙂


What challenges do you face in pursuing your art?

Making time for it mainly.




How do you describe your studio/working environment?

Small, bright and very comfortable as it’s a room in my apartment.


Any projects you would like to do in the future?

A dream job would be to do something for the Muppets. Also, I’d love to have a picture book published, I’m very very VERY slowly developing a concept for this.


Favorite artists?

Tony Millionaire, Little Thunder, Kristian Jones, Femke Hiemstra, Daito Manabe, too many to list.


What’s your advice for young artists?

Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability whether it’s a tiny commission or a massive one.


Any interesting facts you’d like to share?

I go by Ahoy Illustration mainly as there is another Angela Ho in Hong Kong who is also an illustrator, there was some confusion at one time when I was asked to send an invoice for an artwork she did.


View more of Angela Ho’s work at and Instagram @ahoyillustration