IRSKIY forms international artist collective ‘VERSUS’

Michigan based digital illustrator Irskiy recently formed an international artist collective named VERSUS along with nineteen other visual artists specializing in painting, mixed media, print, collage, mural and digital works. Members include:

Allan Bjornaa (Canada)

Kobusher (Philippines)

Thomas L. Spears (USA)

Havoc Hendricks (USA)

Rosi Feist (Germany)

Evan Horback (USA)

Toon (Germany)

Resatio (Indonesia)

Ika Vantiani (Indonesia)

Beth Holladay (USA)

Sebastian Villabona (Sweden)

Jamie Rawlings (UK)

Kedals (UK)

WasteOfPaste (USA)

Sarah Milne (USA)

Arno Beck (Germany)

Tom Abbiss Smith (UK)

Michael DeSutter (USA)

ITCHI (France)



I started this collective because I wanted to have a fun, like-minded community that shares the same creative vision. We’ve collaborated with one another and plan to do cool and exciting projects in the future – IRSKIY


Find out more about the collective at and Instagram @versusartists